Sometimes you can take steps in every which way

It’s that crazy time of year again, summer time. Where anything can happen and nothing is off limits. It’s just something about those few months out of the year and just completely change things in your life. Some good and some bad, maybe a mixture of both.
In a mixture of all this, it’s time to hit to road for a bit.. As much as I’d love to shoot across country I think I’ll just make a stop in Dallas this time…

Everyday things

It’s everyday life all up in here. Not much out or the ordinary to blog about… Fun times I tell ya

A little bit of this and that

Do you ever feel that something different is in the air? everything just seems open and you feel aware to everything. For the first time in a long time everything just feels right.

On the outside of that my racing season has started.. No cars are ready haha.. But i didn’t plan on running a full season at one track, I’ve been wanting to travel and try different tracks and just have some fun.

I’ve bought another 79 model vehicle as well, plenty to keep me busy and all while relocating to another shop. Outside of my 8 to 5 job I should stay plenty busy

Fingers be cryin

Played the guitar a good bit today, even pulled out the 12 string…It’d been awhile..

Superbowl Foos Ball Day

Well today is the Superbowl and will I be watching it? probably not. I mean I can barley remember last years game and who won. I’m all down for going to a bowl party or get together with friends, but outside of that I really just don’t care about the game or the bowl ads that are “MUST SEE” that i’ll be seeing all year long on TV afterwards.

I’m sure i’ll hear all about it tomorrow, and how that half time show was just CRAZY…

Drained from what?

I spent the weekend from Friday to Sunday night non-stop always on the move, and it has felt like I got nothing done! I hate when that happen’s because I just feel unaccomplished and drained. I did manage to get my mobile studio up and running, now I just have to find time to do some recording.  Going to go ahead a do a blast on my main PC as well, it’s been over a year since the last one and it’s always good to clean up the clutter and such..

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I don’t see it being the next facebook but I see it having it own nitch, like G-plus and tumblr  does. I don’t really post too much on facebook like i used to, when your fokes and grandparents get on board then it’s time to pack up shop haha. I just use to to keep touch with some family i don’t see much and my racing friends/pages..