Internet Scammers

Today I get to stay home with a sick kid, not the ideal off day but at least he is not crazy doctor sick, so on to the post.

I hopped on face book a bit the other day and received a random message “hello” I check for random friends, none. The profile is out of the country..Internet model picture as well.. I figure this would be fun. I get a whole family story and how she re located to Africa.. At this point I still haven’t gotten the send me money and this person is going on a normal conversation for a couple of days..

It gets to the point I’m getting mad because they won’t get to the money part.. I go online to pull up the scammers in that area and it turns out they work the victim a month or two and phone calls before they even get to the money. Well I didn’t have time to play that game. So I sent another picture from the net of the same ones she used and said it’s been fun!

It still wows me that guys all over the world fall for these scams, if its the prince Alia Labumda and his family money or the Sarah that is stuck in a country wanting out.. It’s all the same. I even know an older guy that fell for this.. I pointed it out word for word.. Even surprised him of things or stories I knew because they all work pretty much the same. The guy sent thousands and still refused to believe he was being scammed. I’ve heard a some even being tracked down and “dealt with”

It’s just all sorts of crazy when you think about it

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