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Road happenings

If your in San Antonio November 13 – 15 at Housecore Horror Festival come find me and say hi….

Might also be in Dallas around Halloween time

And NOLA is still up in the air for this weekend

Other than “that” it’s all the daily grind blah blah blah..


I’ve just recently blasted away and reformatted my computer after a trip to Dallas killed it.. So I lost a lot of footage I was going to post up on here….

To answer a couple of messages, ¬†yes I was wearing a gopro in the last post I made.. The plan was to get some pit footage for a friend who was filming for promotional footage of the tour. My friend has seen me go up on crowds many times and said he had enough camera’s that night so if i went up he’d get it and he would use the footage.. and i would have my footage to use as well… the key word was “if” .

I don’t always go up on the crowds.. It’s not something I set out to do, I just let it happen, and well it happened quick. I thought I would go up for a bit and come back down like always and well that didn’t happen! I handed over my footage to my friend and after he uses it in his footage then i’ll post up what i have..

It was Awesome phil pulled me up and you can bet your ass it’s a show i won’t forget.