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The guy won’t break his arm for science

I find it funny that people are outraged at the discovery channels eaten alive.. The viewers are mad that Paul Rosalie was not fully eaten alive but he had to tap out after the anaconda  had gotten as far his safety helmet due to the snake crushing grip on his arm.

Did people actually think the guy was going to get eaten? These same people and more would have been outraged if discovery would haven shown the man being fully eaten alive. You know it and I know it!!


The twitter comments are the best

Mid Terms

Annnnnd It’s over! That should kill the robo calls for awhile.

I’ve been recording some videos and meaning to put something new up but SOA, AHS and TWD have been getting the best of me.. besides those shows and when they end for the season I rarely watch TV. I did get into The Americans, but toward the end of last season I got tied up in race stuff and didn’t see the end. I DVR it but then I don’t want to watch it to catch up so I just delete it.