Awakening Voices

I had a pretty good weekend. worked some and spent some time and had some drinks with a good friend. Over the couple of days though I’ve had crazy dreams that are all over the place.

Last night into this morning was one of those dreams, that towards the end I could tell I had someone in my bed moving as a I move which woke me.. I moved again and heard the sound but just thought i was just that damn sleepy and went back to sleep.

It was then I heard a voice in my ear say ” James? ” I woke up then heard ” who are you” At this point I wasn’t going back to bed and it wasn’t because i was scared. I was the opposite, Every excited!!

This isn’t the first time this has happened and sometimes can happen very often, yes sometimes “they” have something to say. Now I no way or have ever claim or have claimed to be a medium but I have always had a knack for communicating with other things around us.

i use a simple EVP setup where I can hear response in real time.. i can get very little chatter and other times get so much response back that i have a hard time making out who is saying what. I save the playback then to go through things for later.

I’ve seen some cool things over the years, photos, good evps and for the first time this year saw some objects being moved on command.

I’ll plan on some evp session tonight, but if I can actually get to it tonight i’m not sure, Mondays are crazy and by the end of the day i’m exhausted

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