See ya November

It’s been quiet here, just have not had time to update. Thanksgiving Holiday was ok, its always just ok.. Most of the the family was off doing their own thing and i had Thanksgiving with my kiddo. When you see or hear from family often the holidays are just as any normal day to me.. I think it would be different with a big extended family.. Just my opinion on it anyways.

In march my son got his first dog and named her Molly. Myself and my friend had taken one of the racecars out to a Jamboree where people could see it, kids could get in it and such, they also had a pet adoption there, which is where we saw Molly. She was going to be put down a few days later if not adopted which we found out later so I’m very thankful we got her.

My son went right to this dog as the dog to him and stayed in his arms most of that day and every time my son would pass the dog off to me the dog would cry and want him back. We bring the dog home and quickly go through the having the create at night, the whining till they get use to it, to shutting all doors and potty training and such. You know, all the fun times 🙂

Molly learned quick that in a jump into my lap she could go anywhere I was going and would do this often, she became my lap dog. She reminded me of my favorite dog when I was younger so i enjoyed her a lot.

This past Sunday she was sadly run over while playing out in the yard. My kid is taking it well and knows she’s gone, but myself? I miss her already. I know when i get home from work soon she won’t be there waiting for me on the other side of that door waiting to jump in my lap and dog kisses like crazy.

I don’t know maybe I’m just too much of a animal lover, or she’d just reminding me a lot of my favorite dog growing up as a kid, I’m not sure. I Just know she will be missed

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