Its Something

I thought the rollercoaster that was 2020 would be that and done. Things haven’t been “as bad” as last year but damn, I need break.

I’ve been making music and drawing and it has helped, but things needs to change around us and I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. It’s a feeling of being stuck in repeat over and over looking for a button, lever, a hidden door, anything to get out and nothing.

So I’ve turned it off I guess? I rarely watch the news because I was tired of the negative. I was never a fan of any side to begin with but lately it seems pretty heavy so I just turn it off. Social media I’ve cut back on a lot and realized I don’t miss it. I’ve even quit carrying around my phone 24/7 and it’s damn nice!

I get on my bike and ride with no where to go, stop by and see old friends. Might try and do a weekend get away on the motorcycle one weekend. Pack up as lite as possible and just go.

What a year

I don’t think I need to go too much into the year and and politics and every side that has been quite the dumpster fire. Through all that madness I just have not had much time to update.

The movie I was in (in the previous post) was doing a drive thru movies tour which was pretty cool, I like that they were making a comeback due to COVID. Next time they have an online screener I will post it here.

With everything being shutdown for awhile I did spend a lot of time making music. Maybe it will see the light of day next year.

Social Media

About a month ago I told myself I need to step back from social media, I feel I was spending too much damn time on it.

I’m really not missing much or anything at all for that matter, but I have noticed it has made conversations change. Everyone loves to ask if you’ve seen this or that on FB and as soon as I say no, or I haven’t been on FB they have to bring me up to speed.

Then they just quit asking altogether, like if you’re not on social media then there is not much to talk about. Is life that boring? No. I’d say there’s is though if you need it that much to hold conversations.

I’m used to it on TV because I watch very little of it. So they “hey did you watch this show” is 99% of the time a no.

Now watching a few hours of TV a week is a lot for me, and by a lot that’s like 3 shows a week or random things like BIO’s and such.

I spend a lot of time reading things online, looking things up, listening to music or watching how-to videos if I’m working on something.

This past weekend outside of some work I spent time taking photos, and it was awesome!


Damn, almost a year.. It’s been a whole lot of crazy going on, some music has been made in the middle of all that

Is 2016 gone yet?

Soon soon soon, Not much going on in my musical happenings. Always writing but everyday life takes my time..

Maybe I’ll put out something soon enough.

Looks are anything but what is looks like

My wheels are always turning, and something creative is always going on up in that head of mine.

I was talking to an old friend about old music, old Indifferent Voices in general.. the best description I ever read of how it sounded was “Backwards messages crazy drumming, keybord burning, and other strange mind manipulative shit”

That was pretty spot on back then!

It’s the calm before the storm over here.



Yes, I’m still around. Been updating on another site since the last post… I figured I would put more there and leave this for more Indifferent Voices type stuff.. It’s just a bit different now then say 16 years ago when this venture took it’s shape, which is always changing…

The End Of Summer

Well today marks the first day of kids returning to school and the end of summer. Back into busy bights and home work and filling out parent forms for the next couple of days… I’s really not that bad of a day, I am updating this right now after all..

My kid is growing up way too fast!

So long Ouya

So the neat little cube Ouya is no more… I’d gotten my hands on one years ago to hack and play with.. tons of cool indie games.. I had been meaning to get a newer model but just never got around to it. With steam and Xbox i wouldn’t hardly use it, i go months without using what I have now.. I just don’t have the time to sit down and hardcore game like i used to. I’m lucky if I get a night or a couple hours in..

Now on to the next gadget and gizmo


Sometimes you can take steps in every which way

It’s that crazy time of year again, summer time. Where anything can happen and nothing is off limits. It’s just something about those few months out of the year and just completely change things in your life. Some good and some bad, maybe a mixture of both.
In a mixture of all this, it’s time to hit to road for a bit.. As much as I’d love to shoot across country I think I’ll just make a stop in Dallas this time…

Everyday things

It’s everyday life all up in here. Not much out or the ordinary to blog about… Fun times I tell ya

A little bit of this and that

Do you ever feel that something different is in the air? everything just seems open and you feel aware to everything. For the first time in a long time everything just feels right.

On the outside of that my racing season has started.. No cars are ready haha.. But i didn’t plan on running a full season at one track, I’ve been wanting to travel and try different tracks and just have some fun.

I’ve bought another 79 model vehicle as well, plenty to keep me busy and all while relocating to another shop. Outside of my 8 to 5 job I should stay plenty busy

Fingers be cryin

Played the guitar a good bit today, even pulled out the 12 string…It’d been awhile..

Superbowl Foos Ball Day

Well today is the Superbowl and will I be watching it? probably not. I mean I can barley remember last years game and who won. I’m all down for going to a bowl party or get together with friends, but outside of that I really just don’t care about the game or the bowl ads that are “MUST SEE” that i’ll be seeing all year long on TV afterwards.

I’m sure i’ll hear all about it tomorrow, and how that half time show was just CRAZY…

Drained from what?

I spent the weekend from Friday to Sunday night non-stop always on the move, and it has felt like I got nothing done! I hate when that happen’s because I just feel unaccomplished and drained. I did manage to get my mobile studio up and running, now I just have to find time to do some recording.  Going to go ahead a do a blast on my main PC as well, it’s been over a year since the last one and it’s always good to clean up the clutter and such..

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I don’t see it being the next facebook but I see it having it own nitch, like G-plus and tumblr  does. I don’t really post too much on facebook like i used to, when your fokes and grandparents get on board then it’s time to pack up shop haha. I just use to to keep touch with some family i don’t see much and my racing friends/pages..

What May Become

So I’ve done this off and on over the years with various projects but nothing ever really shaped the way i wanted to so these things were always canned.. So lets take another shot at this shell we. Can’t wait to see what happens!