Yes, I’m still around. Been updating on another site since the last post… I figured I would put more there and leave this for more Indifferent Voices type stuff.. It’s just a bit different now then say 16 years ago when this venture took it’s shape, which is always changing…

Sometimes you can take steps in every which way

It’s that crazy time of year again, summer time. Where anything can happen and nothing is off limits. It’s just something about those few months out of the year and just completely change things in your life. Some good and some bad, maybe a mixture of both.
In a mixture of all this, it’s time to hit to road for a bit.. As much as I’d love to shoot across country I think I’ll just make a stop in Dallas this time…

Steps To Somewhere

It’s weird.. Since the summer time last year I think i can say life has been on the up and up.. Not with work, but my personal self.. No relationships, flings or anything… All personal self and it felt great. I had forgotten what depression even felt like. But these past couple of days it’s found its way back in and I hate it… I don’t even know what this depression was about, I could just tell it was there..

The one good thing is I can tell it’s headed pretty much out the door and that’s without any personal meditation… at all.. That’s a big deal for me because when it hits it’s hits damn hard. I guess that’s something to be proud of seeing how bad it has gotten in the past.. Guess I’m doing something right after all..


Now on to some sleep for the night


Well, since my last post I have gotten a year older and Christmas has past. Many of times I said I’ve needed to update but time would never allow it. I have started my spring cleaning a little early, the first part of December, I have forgotten how much of a pack rat I was, and as many times as I have moved I would have figured I would (keep it lite) I have thrown so much stuff away and still have a lot to go through it is crazy. Its made me feel better in my personal living space, where I write, compose, meditate, talk to the things around me and other workings.

feels good man!!

I guess I could call it a physical cleaning, getting things in order


Getting there one step at a time. Went ahead and got my name back. I figured if I didn’t do it now that I may loose steam on this and like I said, I want to see where this goes!