Steps To Somewhere

It’s weird.. Since the summer time last year I think i can say life has been on the up and up.. Not with work, but my personal self.. No relationships, flings or anything… All personal self and it felt great. I had forgotten what depression even felt like. But these past couple of days it’s found its way back in and I hate it… I don’t even know what this depression was about, I could just tell it was there..

The one good thing is I can tell it’s headed pretty much out the door and that’s without any personal meditation… at all.. That’s a big deal for me because when it hits it’s hits damn hard. I guess that’s something to be proud of seeing how bad it has gotten in the past.. Guess I’m doing something right after all..


Now on to some sleep for the night

Anarchy, The New Fashon


I’m reading earlier today about Russell Brand being at a protest in the UK with the tag line ” new Anarchist leader?” with the repeated used of the word anarchy.

Last time I checked, a protest rally does not equal anarchy or an anarchist movement, unless I’m missing something people today are missing the point of anarchy completely. Today’s Anarchy is more of a fashion trend topped off with a guy fawkes mask.

I grew up with an anarchist/hacktivist out look on a lot of things and for the most part i can say I “quietly” still do. even back then the word anarchy was always taken by people the wrong way. Most of it was people being under educated and the fear of the word. Much like the reaction some people get with the words wiccan or pagan.

If you sat down with the young protesters and explained anarchy views would they care, I don’t think so. They will move on when the fad does. Then again it’s all part of growing up and developing ones own personality.